Mystical Signs: Pisces Neptuneís Lair

Dallas rushes to make her dream jobís interview, only she is running late. Deciding to cut through an alley to make up time, she lands in the arms of a handsome stranger. If having his arms around her wasnít bad enough, his lips are pressed to hers and she is pressing hers back into his. Darting out of his grasp, she leaves him standing there and is devastated she would kiss a total stranger and enjoy it. Now she is having erotic dreams about him. Has she found the man she is meant to love or will a fortune tellerís warning come true leaving her aching for a man that spells danger?

Mystical Signs: Pisces Neptuneís Lair is a story mixed with paranormal elements and out of body experiences. The explosive chemistry Dallas finds in the arms of her mysterious lover is hot and tantalizing. Dallas must fight feelings that are growing within her and with the help of her Pisces she just might win that battle, but at what cost. This reader was quite pleased with the journey Dallas had to endure to find the man meant for her. Dorothy McFalls has done a wonderful adding another installment into the Mystical Signs series and did a fabulous job at capturing this readerís attention with her Pisces. 4 Angels!

Reviewed by: Shayley


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