A Reputable Rake

Morgana Hart is a young woman on her second season and hates all the rules of the ton. She is not looking for a husband; however, she does what she is asked to do. Lady Hannah is her cousin and Hannah has her sights on Mr. Cyprian Sloane. Morgana lives with her grandmother, who is not quite right in her mind, which is just perfect for Morgana. She loves the freedom that her grandmother gives her, but it also leads her into trouble. Morgana is not your normal young woman of the ton. She tries to rescue one of her maids from choosing a life of a loose woman. As Morgana tries to teach her maid to be something she is not, somehow she has three more girls that she must save. Now she must teach them all how to be a special lady and do it with out ruining herself.

Cyprian Sloane is trying to live down a rake reputation and he needs to marry well. Cyprian has the wealth to buy him the right wife, but he is attracted to a very spirited woman. Lady Hannah would make the perfect wife, but he gets quite annoyed by her consent chatter. Even so, he needs to save Lady Hannah’s cousin or she will ruin both of them. Will Sloane be able to save Miss Hart and him? Will Miss Hart wake up and smell the coffee and realize she can not save everyone before it is too late?

Diane Gaston has a wonderful romance on her hands with A Reputable Rake. Ms. Gaston has a wonderful way of hooking the reader form page one. A Reputable Rake has the magical history of the ton with the under story of a man trying to beat a reputation that he does not deserve and a woman that is a thinker and does not need a man to take care of her. Ms. Gaston throws in just for kicks to keep you guessing on what is going to happen next is the mystery and suspense. Who will win in the end the bad guys and gals that fight to get the four girls Miss Morgana is trying save and the romance that will surprise you. A Reputable Rake is the perfect romance that will carry the reader to a different universal. Ms. Gaston you have a new fan and I cannot wait for your next one.

Reviewed by: Sonya


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