Vampire Hunter: Book 1-Vintages

Regan is a vampire hunter who does her job well and fast, and like her men the same way. It bothers her when she enters the seedy bar called The Vines and spots Garret and is instantly drawn to him. He is a distraction she does not need when she is here to do a job and not to get involved with a man, no matter how hot he is. The Vines is serving up some fancy new wine called Vintages that is catered to the nightwalkers that frequent the bar just for this wine. Selena the owner has hired Regan to find out where this supply is coming from and who is behind these supplies. But what they donít know is that Regan has a history with the world of vampires and when itís out in the open all hell will break loose.

Garret is just the bartender and a human one at that, who has no clue what is going on in front of his face. So when Regan walks in and his hormones go into overload all he can think about is getting her into bed. What Garret doesnít know is this night will reveal some startling secrets as well as some major dangers, not only to him but to Regan as well.

Can Regan do her job and stop the evil that is going on in The Vines or will Garret turn out to be the distraction she does not need or want? And Selena; is she the innocent bystander in this or is she the one doing the evil behind the Vintages? Only time will tell, and when it does who will be left standing and who will be destroyed?

Regan and Garret are as different as two people can be yet that does not stop either of them trying to save the other, or giving their hearts. Reading Vintages the first in the Vampire Hunter series keeps you wondering exactly who and what Regan is. And by the end of this novella you are already waiting for the next in this suspenseful series. Miss Cory has a bright future ahead of her with this series, for which I am sure will be as satisfyingly suspenseful and erotic as Vintages is. As I read this erotic and suspenseful novella, I had to keep changing my mind on who was the evil guy and who was innocent. By the end of Vintages I was totally surprised and mistaken in my guess on who was the villain. I definitely will be eagerly awaiting the second installment in this awesome series.

Reviewed by: Debbie


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