'Daisy' and Dan have been together for six years. They share everything: their love, their life, and their fantasies. They act out their fantasies as they like, but there is one that Dan has not yet managed to follow through on. A phone call gives the promise that the time has come. But is 'Daisy's' fantasy what she wished it to be or is it really a nightmare instead?

Jenna Allen's Daisy is a short, erotic tale of a couple deeply in love who trust one another enough to share and act out their deepest fantasies. Be warned: Daisy contains a fantasy of forced sex/rape, which is carried out. If this is completely not your thing, stay clear. If it is, well then this could be a great quick read for you. Sex is detailed in full, though not using overly graphic language. The focus of the tale is undoubtedly the characters' fantasies, which do vary quite considerably, in that on one hand you have the fantasy of forced sex, and on the other the traditional lovemaking. If you're looking for an erotic piece of short fiction and indulge in many fantasies yourself, then this could be the tale you are looking for.

Reviewed by: Elizabeth


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