Egyptian Cotton

‘Sleep Amber. Sleep,’ are words that Amber hears in her mind after she purchases a set of sheets made of Egyptian cotton. She was enjoying a leisurely walk through the International Market when a vendor was advertising them at an exuberant bargain. It was a deal she couldn’t pass up. After placing the sheets on her bed, and stretching across them to feel their luxury, the three little words fill her head as her eyes close to slumber. Seth desires a mate but he has a hidden dark secret. He knows when he finds that certain mate; it will be a relationship forever. He is destined to be the leader of his people, if he can overthrow the existing vicious ruler who killed his father. Amber awakes, and for a moment believes she is still dreaming, until she sees that she is no longer in her bed. This one is a four-posted bed, with a variety of multicolored tapestries. Further surveillance shows a bronzed man wearing a very short cloth, not far from her. Not only that, she is nude under the cotton sheet and cuffed to the bed. No, she is no longer at home, but in Egypt, with a man who expects to make her his. After hearing that Seth wishes a deep commitment, Amber could care less, as long as she is filled with complete ecstasy, she will always be his. But she has yet to learn his dark secret.

Egyptian Cotton is a fabulous story that will have most readers asking where they can get a set of those sheets. This is a most unusual story with refreshing characters that sparkle through the book. Amber and Seth have some heated scenes that could light a fire without any matches. Ms. Cory creates a well-developed read full of robust creativity that keeps the pages turning. She pens such a fascinating blend of wonderful characters that it is worth reading more than once, with imagery that makes the reader get a feel of all the visualizations of Egypt. The steam practically rises from the pages as Seth sets out to show Amber what a lifetime with him could mean for her always in his bed and his arms. This is an enjoyable read.

Reviewed by: Linda L


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