Fear: An Anthology of Horror and Suspense

Fear: An Anthology of Horror and Suspense is a collection of short, scary and shivery stories and poetry including Night Crawls In by Nancy Jackson, Possibilities and Karen’s Eyes by Katherine Smith, Frieda Mae by Linda L. Lattimer, Crime or Punishment by Giovanna Lagana, Feathers by Louise Bohmer, Vera’s House by Katherine Smith, Cynophobia by Janet Mills, Because I Wanted You by Susan M. Sailors, Eleven-Thirty Midnight Road by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson, The Stick by Richard A. Satterlie, and Long Distance Call by John Everson.

Little fears become big ones that encompass reality, gruesome death overtakes people, an evil step-mama gets her due, and the boogeyman makes an appearance. These are just snippets from some very well-written and spine-tingling tales of dark apprehension, bad luck and encounters with the “otherworld”. This anthology is not one you should read at night, but only in the bright lights of day when no wicked thing can creep in to grab you. My personal favorite from this collection was Feathers by Louise Bohmer, solely for the incongruity of the meeting of the worlds of deity and human.

Readers will be amused, shocked and frightened at turns! These authors really know how to send a tingle down your body and they’ll have you looking behind you to see what’s making that noise in the corner. Be afraid; be very afraid! Fear: An Anthology of Horror and Suspense earns Four Angels!

Reviewed by: Michelle


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