Fortuneís Folly

After only two years, Helena Orphanides was very unhappy in her marriage and she wanted out. She married young and now she wanted a life of her own. She loved her husband very much but knew that their marriage was over. Andreas grants her the divorce and Helena moves on with her life. She went to school to be an interior designer and changes her last name to Jones. Helena moves far away from Andreas to try to forget but life has a way of throwing a curve ball. Helena is asked to design the interior of a hotel that is coming to her town and she accepts the job not knowing that Andreas is a silent partner in the project. There is a problem with Helena and Andreas meeting again. Diane, she would do anything to keep her daughter from reuniting with him. Why? Could Helena overcome the power that Diane has over her to be with the only man she ever loved? Did Andreas still want her? And what was the secret that he was holding from her?

Andreas Orphanides was business man and knew that he didnít give enough time to his wife. When she asked for a divorce he knew he needed to let her go and live a little. But he never forgot her or the love that they had. When they meet by accident again he still wants Helena. She is the only woman he has ever loved but her mother is always in the way. Andreas has been keeping a secret from Helena and he needs to tell her if they intend to be together. Could Helena still be in love with him after being on her own? Would she still love and want him after he tells her his secret?

Margaret Blake is a talented author. She has written a love story with a twist. Helena and Andreas love each other but they both know that they have to let the other go to be able to go on with their life. When they meet again the fire is still there. I enjoyed reading this book. The story is fast moving but you feel the love and betrayal that is in it. Ms. Blake thank you for such a wonderful read and I will be looking for more of your books to read.

Reviewed by: Moonluster


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