Between Floors

When Chloe Wilson asks someone to hold the elevator for her, she never expects that someone to be Sean Harris, her ex-boyfriend, the man she thought was “The One.” Sean left her six months earlier with no reason as to why he was dumping her. Now, all she wants to do is get to her apartment so she can never see him again. Unfortunately, fate has other plans and the elevator they are sharing breaks down from a power outage.

Sean made the biggest mistake of his life when he walked out on Chloe. He’s back to rectify the situation and hopefully show Chloe that he loves her and plans on never leaving her side again. When the elevator breaks down, Sean is determined to find a way to break down the wall Chloe is throwing up between them. Can a clandestine elevator encounter be enough though?

Between Floors is a surprisingly emotionally turbulent story. Chloe’s emotions and feelings are right up front for the reader to see and experience. She wears her heart on her sleeve and it shows. Luckily, Sean is not a heartless guy and his sincere need to reconcile with Chloe comes through quite clearly. These two are in pain but luckily, love is a healing balm that works miracles. The author doesn’t let Sean get away with his callous treatment of Chloe though. He has some groveling and explaining to do, both of which add another layer to his character. Between Floors is a very intense story packed into a few pages. It’s got intimacy, strife, love, and laughter, the perfect mix for a successful tale.

Reviewed by: Sarah W

Sarah W

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