The Promise

Holly St. Christian is alone in the world, her last relative passed away and now with Christmas coming she has no one. That is until a man name Nathanial calls her saying that she must come to Winterbourne. For some reason she feels comforted by Nathanial and not sure what to do, she takes a risk. However all is not as it seems for the Nathanial that rescues her one snowy night sounds like a stranger, making her wonder if coming to Winterbourne was a mistake after all. Does love at first sight exist in this time or is it just Holly’s imagination that she feels Nathanial is someone that used to be important in her life?

Nathanial does not know what game Holly is playing nor does he care that somehow this waif of a woman has gotten under her skin in such a short time. Rescuing her that snowy night somehow changed his life but he doesn’t know how or why he feels a strong pull of attraction towards Holly. Magic is in the air and he knows for some bizarre reason that if Holly walks out of his life his chance of finding love will be gone forever. Can he take a risk like Holly and for the first time in his life believe in falling in love at first sight?

This is my first exposure to Marly Mathews and I can see that this author will be going places at Wild Rose Press. Her imagination has sparked mine to the point where you can feel Nathanial and Holly’s love, but also hate Nathanial for denying his attraction towards Holly. I liked the fact that even though it was a short story there was comedy blended in with the warmth of the family. This book sweetened my heart. Throughout the book you can feel how loving the family is in the book and what Holly needs is family. This abiding love makes this a beautiful story and right for the holiday season. Marly Mathews did a great job in this sweet romance for it has all three things a romance should have, romance, miracles and the possibility of a love that last at all times.

Reviewed by: Lena C.

Lena C.

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