Spell of Love: Flame in the Rain

Kat is a vampire. It is not an existence she asked for, but it is one she has to live with. Forever alive, forever needing blood. It is a craving inside her, one she is unable to control. If she goes too long without blood, she ages. She would rather live forever without wrinkles. Kat travels, unable to stay in one place, though she carries the soil of her homeland with her wherever she goes in a vial around her neck. Bitten in the late seventeenth century, she is now several hundred years old, but still looks to be in her twenties. Useful, when she most often lures her prey with the promise of sex. Whilst out traveling one night, her tire blows out in the middle of nowhere. She is desperate to feed, and a flickering yellow light seems the answer to her needs. In a bungalow she finds a man she is attracted to in a way she hasnít been to anyone for many years. But her need for blood is great, and she knows she needs to drain him. Except when the time comes, he has no blood. What is this creature, this person? Has Kat stumbled across a man she can spend her eternity with?

Thurston has sentenced himself to a life alone, a long time since he is immortal. Many centuries ago, his father had a wizard come up with a concoction that would grant the royal family immortality, only to die before he himself could consume it. Thurston loved his wife, Mary, with all his heart. He blames himself for her death, for had he not impregnated her she would have lived. Instead, he was left to live alone, his wife and son dead. In his rage upon finding his wife he had taken a sword to the midwife, in his initial grief blaming her. Twice he was hung, twice he lived. Banished to Australia for his crimes, that is where he lived ever since, in solitude, keeping to himself, not mixing with others. Confronted with Katís apparent need for help, he invited her into his home, drawn to her in a way he has not been to another for centuries. When in the middle of sex she bites him, he comes to the shocking realization that she is a vampire. He turns her away, but she soon returns. The draw between them is intense, and he is unable to resist her. They share their histories and their bodies. Will they share further with one another their hearts? Has Thurston found another to love, someone who heíll do anything to protect?

I have enjoyed several of Alyssa Brooksís books, coming top of the list Lust Upon Roses, the first tale in the Spell Of Love series of which Flame In The Rain is third. I have found that with her vampire tales, Ms. Brooksís characters tend to have a dark side to them, causing you to waver between liking and disliking the characters. Further, Ms. Brooks tends to conform to some of the traditional vampire myths, whilst completely turning others upon their heads or adding her own interpretation. Never let it be said that these tales are anything but the authorís work, for this intertwining of some vampire myth with some aspects originating completely from the authorís imagination make these stories her own, and no one elseís. Flame in the Rain is one hot story, for in addition to anal play there is also some bondage and a few multiple partner scenes, which do include some f/f action. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, with a subtle dark tone to it, and if vampires are your forte, Flame in the Rain is a great novella for you. If you are going to read this series, please read them in their published order, for in the previous tales is background information that is not so freely provided in this tale. Each in this series has a different feel to it, a different texture. Not all may be to your taste, but I have a great liking for this series and this author, and think you may develop such a fondness, too.

Reviewed by: Elizabeth


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