Talking to Trees

Twylgalit has been sent to find a hero. Her family's existence is the last defense against an ancient evil. Since there are so few of them left alive, her grandmother sends a plea for help to the Watcher of the Gates. A human savior is their only hope. The watcher tells her the hero she seeks is the one that will first notice her when she arrives at her destination.

When a girl with green hair, soaking wet, drops in out of nowhere in the middle of the mall, Jody can hardly believe what she sees. While her friends disparage her clothes, she wonders if she could find an outfit the color of her hair. When the girl asks for her help in finding a hero, preferably a wizard or demon slayer, Jody suddenly wishes an adult or security officer was nearby to help. Who comes to the rescue instead is her twin brother Peterís weird best friend Jeanne. Then Jeanne starts talking to the girl like she believes her. Worse yet, Peter shows up and volunteers to help. They actually act like this is real and they can do something. Jody was going to let them go off with the strange girl without her, but then Peter says she should stay, of course she is going to go now.

Talking to Trees is a wonderful young adult fantasy that I truly enjoyed. The main characters not only have to deal with an unknown evil in a magical world, but they also have to deal with peer pressure and being true to themselves. Jody is very self-absorbed, but redeemable. Peter and Jeanne, the heroes of Kathryn Sullivanís The Crystal Throne, are more than willing to help. The watcher has other plans, though. Jeanne is a caring, sweet girl. Peter is confident and brave for his age. I recommend reading these books in order, but the sequel does not confuse if read on its own I loved the world this fantasy is based in, and the secondary characters bring the story to life. Talking to Trees is definitely a great read for teens who love fantasy.

Reviewed by: Gretchen


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