Way of the Wolf: A Slavesís Price- A Northlanders Tale

Cassandra is the youngest daughter in the House Lochinvar and has been tasked to negotiate a truce or allegiance with the House of Yarishet. In route across the wastelands with an escort, she and her men are attacked. This might not be a surprise, but who is behind the attacks is. When she makes contact with her House Mother, she is told to seek out a slave trader by the name of Argolyn and through him she will find a new warrior to aide her in this mission. Will Cassandra find the warrior that she seeks or only find the broken souls of men? Is there one that will follow her through to the end of her journey?

Makakao has been captured along with some of his men. A mighty warrior and honorable man now finds himself chained in slave attire and must fight for his survival. When a woman of the clan Wolf steps before him, he is desperate for her to purchase him. Yes, he would still be a slave, indebted to her, but he has wanted a Wolf woman of his own and this one calls to him. Now that he has found his Wolf woman, can he persuade her to buy his collar?

Way of the Wolf: The Slaveís Price- A Northlanders Tale is a wonderful story that offers a glimpse of the makings of a tremendous series: some suspense, a strong woman both inside and out, honorable men, and hot, sizzling chemistry. Cassandra is on a mission that will forever change her life in more ways then one. The journey she is one is dangerous and difficult. Makakao has the desire and determination to help Cassandra, but doesnít realize that there might be a bigger prize that she wants. The devotion that Cassandra shows Makakao in his time of need is heartfelt. She is truly a gifted and generous woman. When the passion explodes between the two of them, readers watch out because it just might set the pages on fire. Shelby Morgen has mixed tantalizing passion, danger at every corner, and two characters worth cheering for in such a way that it grabs the readerís attention immediately and refuses to let them go until the last page. I would recommend reading Way of the Wolf: The Slaveís Price- A Northlanderís Tale followed up by the entire series. 4 Angels!

Reviewed by: Jessica


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