Big Bad Wolfe

Corey Tierney had a thriving business, a children resale shop, which she found wonderfully fulfilling; until Brandon Wolfe and his children walked through the door and turned Corey’s life upside down. Brandon Wolfe had a tough time of it; his wife died leaving him to raise his two boys alone. Something he was not prepared to do and his in-laws do not think he is able to do properly. Corey is attracted to Brandon and he is attracted to her, but Brandon does not want to be involved with anyone. Can Corey show Brandon that when it is the right person that other things do not matter anymore?

Linda Wallace has written a wonderfully romantic story in Big Bad Wolfe. Her descriptions of places and things are wonderfully right on. The way she describes her characters make them leap off the pages at you. This book was very hard to put down. Linda has made a keeper of this book for me. I will be re-reading this one again and again. The love between the characters is so wonderful, even with all of the crisis they face to admit to that love.

Reviewed by: leyna


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