Reunions Dangereuses

Pam Holland is a successful woman with an amazing job and great friends, granted she hasn’t found that special someone, but that’s ok, she’s got time. When her friend, Sue, asks her if she’s going to the White-Ayre Academy reunion Pam cannot understand why anyone would even think of revisiting the horrid years at ‘Nightmare’ Academy. The only good thing she remembers about her sentence there was Jake Ardlow, the editor of the literary magazine. Well, him and Dean Morley, the soccer team star and resident lothario. Neither of these two men ever gave her the slightest look or acknowledgement back then, but what about now?

Jake and Dean have their own memories of their four years at White-Ayre Academy. When they receive their invitations they reminisce and find out that they both had their eyes on the shapely Pam Holland. Jake decides to invite Pam to meet him at the reunion and see what she thinks of their revelations.

Reunions Dangereuses takes us through one of the hardest questions a person can ask themselves, is the past really behind you? These characters find that they each had their own impressions of life during high school and the faces that were put forward were not their true selves. They reveal things about themselves that shock and titillate the reader. The relationships between the various characters were sweet and spicy. Mardi Ballou really did a great job of presenting unconventional relationships in an almost conventional way. There were only people loving people, no issues regarding their varied lovers. That really made this story a good one for me.

Reviewed by: Serena


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