Dream Warriors 2: Ryder

Ryder is bored. He has been babysitting Sheri for a month now and is quite frustrated by standing in the background invisible to everyone. When he speaks with Morpheus about his assignment again, Morpheus’ reply is quite intriguing and causes Ryder to reevaluate his decision to stay hidden.

Sheri watched her best friend go through struggles, confusion, and horror from vivid dreams mixed with evil and a Dream Warrior. She actually thought Meagan has lost her mind. Next thing Sheri knows, she is in the midst of a vivid dream with her very own Dream Warrior, who awakens imagines she is ill prepared for.

As Ryder sets out to ease the fear and uncertainty he has caused Sheri, he must also protected Hades’ son, Chaos, in order to stop a succubus out for revenge. Sheri is consumed with uncertainty about Ryder, but is also riddled with desire to be with him. In order to maintain Sheri’s safety and watch over Chaos, Prince of the Underworld, Ryder puts them all under one roof. If only, he had realized there was another guest among them. Will Ryder be able to locate and capture the succubus? Can Sheri and Ryder find an even ground in order to be with one another?

This is an action-packed story with many characters good, evil, and mysterious. Within the first few pages, I was hooked with a pair of Dream Warriors and their commander, Morpheus. Although I don’t have a strong foundation in Greek Mythology, I was pleased to find a solid amount of background information to draw me into this story and refuse to let me go. Sheri and Ryder are both lonely and want someone to spend their lives with. They just did not realize they were both looking for the same thing and just how compatible they would be together. The physical chemistry and sizzling passion between them is something from out of this world: truly what dreams are made of. Ryder is a compassionate lover who goes to great lengths to ensure Sheri gets what she wants and is well taken care of.

Cyndi Friberg has made a fan out of me instantly by writing a beautiful love story in the midst of chaos, riddled between dreams and reality, with amazing characters and the promise of more to come. Dream Warriors 2: Ryder is a story, the second installment in the Dream Warriors series, which I would highly recommend to any reader that enjoys a paranormal or fantasy story. It is well worth the time it takes to read and this reader is already running to grab the third installment. 5 Angels!

Reviewed by: Shayley


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