Laniís Challenge

Lani Talbot is a detective who is new to the 6th District, but not to police work. She specifically asked to be transferred to this district of the Metro DC police force in order to investigate her fatherís murder. Lani is looking forward to meeting her new partner, whom she has been told is one of the best detectives on the force and warned that he might be tough to work with since he lost his previous partner.

Garrett Pierce is angered when he learns that his new partner is not the man he requested, but instead, a woman who is still a rookie. He already has plenty of ideas how she had made detective so quickly and is prepared to make sure she works hard and doesnít skim by. The only thing Pierce was not prepared for was how pretty she was and how the attraction between them would develop.

While investigating their first murder together, the attraction between Lani and Pierce grows along with the danger. Can these two headstrong detectives ever put their past behind them and start living again?

Laniís Challenge is a suspenseful ride that takes you through many twists and turns before bringing you to an explosive finish. This story has many interesting secondary characters that add to the mystery and drama while focusing on the dynamic relationship between Lani and Pierce. Lani is a strong and loyal woman that follows in her fatherís footsteps to become a detective. She has had a hard childhood but is determined not to let anything stand in her way of finding her fathers killer. Pierce has had many hardships in his past starting with his ex-wife and ending with the death of his partner, whom he still feels responsibility. He is determined to find his partnerís killer, but keeps running into roadblocks in the department.

Linda Morelli has created a fabulous story that is sure to entertain and please her readers with a thrilling plot, fascinating characters and a true concept of police work. Laniís Challenge is well deserving of 4 Angels.

Reviewed by: Tammy


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