Pack Challenge

All her life, Sara Morrighan has endured pain. As a child, both her parents were killed. To make matters worse, during her father’s murder she was attacked by a wild animal which left her with a severely scarred face and a continuous agonizing limp. And, if that wasn’t enough, Sara was raised by her crazed grandmother, who Sara knew hated her with a passion. So, in order to avoid her grandmother’s fury, Sara, developed a headstrong personality by rarely showing any painful emotions. Now, her grandmother had died of old age and Sara is free. However, for the past couple of months, the pain in her leg has become more unbearable and every blue moon, Sara turns to drinking to ease the excruciating pain. On one particular drunken night at the town’s bar, Sara is attacked and almost kidnapped. Then out of nowhere, a ‘pretty man’ (what Sara calls him) appears and saves her. Sara thanks him with a juicy kiss and tries to drag him home. But, her two best friends, Angelina and Miki, pull Sara off the mysterious man and take her home to sleep it off.

After learning that Sara’s grandmother is dead and there is a threat on Sara’s life, Zach Sheridan and his Pack arrived in town to protect her, the long lost daughter of one of their murdered pack members. Zach has a goal in life and that is to become the Alpha Male of his Pack not wasting time shadowing/protecting a needy female. Instead, Zach is shocked to find a beautiful woman who he is instantly attracted to and who is slowing driving him insane by challenging him head on at every turn.

Heat quickly ignites between Zach and Sara and after one passionate encounter; Sara’s life is changed forever.

Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston is a remarkably entertaining page-turner that I took great pleasure in reading. There were moments where I was bowing over with laughter and then in the very next, I was left breathless with luscious anticipation. I thought Ms. Laurenston did a fantastic job in quickly pulling me into the dynamics of this story and maintaining my interest until the very end. Each individual is well-developed and there is definitely potential for a continuation with some of the supporting characters. The sexual tension between Sara and Zach was extremely hot and just burned the pages. Their sexual encounters were tremendously passionate, shamelessly lustful and wickedly sinful. Besides the scrumptious sexual interactions, there was a constant, very entertaining battle of the wills between Sara and Zach. Sara refused to keenly fall for the attraction she felt towards Zach. And, on the other hand, Zach was very determined to tame the wild beast within Sara. Everything from the humorous moments to sensational passion in Pack Challenge will be forever etched in my mind. This is a must-read! 5 Angels and Recommended Read!

Reviewed by: Contessa


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