Heliotropic I: From the Light

Vampire Val Cutter is determined to clear his name while trying to endure his unjust sentence at the hands of an evil man, Retkove. The only bright spot is the radiant man he sees leaving his boss/wardenís establishment. Taken back by his beauty, Val sets out to locate him.

Paul de líAstre is from Apollíex, a planet of never ending sunlight, and has found himself stranded on Earth. In order to return home, he must free himself of the prison of unnecessary medical tests and agonizing darkness at the hands of vampire Retkove.

When Paul and Val discover one another, they find someone who can understand their determination to get away from the situation they have found themselves in. They also find someone that sets the body on fire. There is only one small problem: Val can never step foot into sunlight and Paul will die if he remains in the dark. As Paulís health gets worse, emotions rise between the two of them. With Retkoveís determination to have Paul for himself, Val will be left making a decision that will forever change each of their lives. Regardless of Valís decision, Paul will never make it home. What will Val choose?

Heliotropic I: From the Light is an imaginative plot pitting two very different characters against a formable opponent that is evil through and through. These same two characters are also brought together as lovers with a seemingly impossible forever after. This reader found this imaginative plot unique and new to the many paranormal plots out there. It was a nice change. Paulís knowledge of vampires is one of dark beings that are evil and unkind; however, in Val he finds a man with depth and compassion. Val in turn has missed the pleasures of the sun for so long that one moment with Paul brings all the warmth of sunshine back into his life. Mardi Ballou has started a series that is sure to see some intense passion and fights for survival. Heliotropic I: From the Light is just the beginning, developing a foundation and unique companionship for readers. 4 Angels!

Reviewed by: Jessica


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