The Huntress

Vega Brookes doesnít fail. Her less than traditional job as a bounty hunter suits her just fine. It challenges her mind and her body. Her latest assignment promises to be her hardest case yet; Grayson Walker has managed to elude every hunter who has gone after him. With the last one winding up dead, Vega is determined to bring Grayson back regardless of how appealing she finds him. However, as she starts to narrow her search, she discovers there is more behind this murder case than just a friendship gone bad. When she finally finds Grayson, her troubles are far from over. This adversary is more than a match for her skills, especially when an unknown player seems to be hunting them both.

The Huntress delivers a plot ripe with suspense, tension, and conflict. Vegaís hunt for Grayson should be a straightforward job of right against wrong. Yet even when the details of the brutal murder are revealed, readers will still find themselves hoping for Grayson to remain free. Readers immediately find themselves liking both characters, and conflicted that there appears to be no common ground. Vegaís personality is an experience. I had thought her upfront attitude would grate as the story progressed, instead I found myself looking forward to her reactions. She is one woman that can take care of herself, but manages to do it while still maintaining a level of caring underneath. Her relationship with her sister and mother are sure to have more than one woman identifying with her. There are spurts of levity that really showcase the characters while also serving to lighten the tension, but be aware that from the first moment the author is deftly luring readers into a suspense that will hold their interest until the end. As the story draws to an end, I canít help but hope that perhaps we will get to see another glimpse of Vega or Fiona and the sinister world they live in.

Reviewed by: Amanda


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