Winning the Highlander's Heart

Lady Anice, the Countess of Brecken, is Ward to the King of England. King Henry wants to marry Anice off to a suitable Norman Lord whose political status is advantageous to him. The Scottish Lady Anice does not want to marry anyone, let alone an Englishman, and especially not the current King’s favorite Baron de Fontenot. But she does want to escape the lecherous attentions of King Henry, so when Anice climbs from her balcony down a rope and lands at the feet of a Highlander, she is shocked, cranky and instantly attracted to Malcolm, Earl of Pembrinton and Highlander.

Other than intense physical attraction and amusement, Malcolm is not interested in Anice. He has come to King Henry’s English court to wed an Englishwoman. Malcolm’s future, and that of his brothers, depend on him securing a rich wife. Besides, Malcolm believes the feisty, troublesome Lady Anice is too much work for anyone. There is talk that Anice is a witch and she cursed.

However, fate and the King’s decree force Anice and Malcolm into each other’s company. Malcolm has been given the task to investigate the disturbing troubles that are unfolding at Brecken Castle. Whilst Anice being of noble birth is not supposed to travel the wilds of the countryside alone. As Anice and Malcolm travel towards her castle, lust and cravings start to battle with carefully laid out plans and logic. But falling in love is not their only battle, death and mystery stalks their journey.

Winning the Highlander's Heart is just that. Two independent Highlanders, both proud and stubborn, reluctant to let another into their hearts. Anice believes she is completely capable of handling her life without the need for a man. She is a strong, believable heroine, trapped by medieval society’s conventions. The Highlander Malcolm is braw, strong and everything that is noble and desirable in a man. There is something about a good, strong Highland romance that stirs the soul. Winning the Highlander's Heart is a story of true romance and adventure. It is definitely worth reading on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Reviewed by: Janet


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