Office Relations

Sabrina Moore is a bright and dedicated worker. Still, she can’t seem to stop daydreaming about her sexy supervisor. Too bad he’s practically avoided her like the plague and barely seems to acknowledge her existence.

Peter Merrill is tired of nepotism, particularly when it ends in intimidation in the workplace. He wants to climb the corporate ladder, but only on his own steam. Unfortunately an attraction to a subordinate is bad for his reputation…Right?

Once all the cards are laid out on the conference table, is there any chance of turning back? Is it possible for Sabrina and Peter to prevent their attraction from growing and eventually spinning out of control, even if they each have reservations their still unwilling to share with each other?

This was a fantastically simple tale of romance in the office with an honest portrayal of potential problems, especially in a work environment. I was additionally impressed with the amount of good, basic emotional conflict Ms. Sebastian managed to convey in 41 pages. Add to that the heat encountered amongst these co-workers, and regardless of the season, this story has the potential to make you break out in a sweat. Love in the workplace has hardly looked so appealing than in Office Relations.

Reviewed by: Jen H.

Jen H.

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