Fall Dead

A night out with his best friend leads to a homicide that introduces him to a woman that will turn his life upside down. Having her ex-husband literally fall on his hood was not a good way to meet Dr. Augusta Lang. Now that she's in his life, he will do everything he can to protect her. Detective Markov will do anything he can to find out the real killer before he or she finds Augusta.

Dr. Augusta has had a hard life and knows that everywhere she goes people keep thinking that she is helpless. First it was her husband and brother-in-law now it's Detective Nick Markov. Whenever she's with him all she thinks about is a life with him. Yet danger lurks everywhere, and the more clues they find out about who really killed her ex-husband, the more her life is in danger.

Ann Bruce has done it again with Fall Dead just from the first page it pulls you into the story line and you don't want to put it down. Nick and Augusta are like two people so right for each it's hard not to hate Nick for his over protectiveness. This is a must read not only to find out who the real killer is but to see the love that brews between Augusta and Nick.

Reviewed by: Lena C.

Lena C.

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