It Happened One Summer

Sandy Perkins still holds a loss for her fiancÚ after he was killed in an accident. Every time she falls in love with someone, it seems she ends up losing them. When she encounters her new boss, on a bad day at the charity shop, it seems things are only going downhill for her again. Now she finds herself being stalked and wonders why anyone would have a reason to hold a grudge against her. With her new boss breathing down her neck and an enemy not too far behind can things get any worse? Matt Walker had no idea Sandy was having a bad day when he entered the shop. He only thought she was slacking on the job. When he learns the real reason, he feels awful. In no time he is feeling a strong attraction for the beautiful woman even though he has his own troubled past. After a fashion fundraiser is held to help raise money, things turn up a notch for Sandy and Matt. He is determined to find out who is trying to ruin her life. As much love as he holds for her, he will never allow the stalker to take away the one person who brings him incredible joy.

It Happened One Summer is a tight believable read that emits strong emotions with Sandy and Matt. It shows how two likeable characters struggle with real problems to find a way to reach each other. This captivating page-turner details beautifully the splendid dialogue that keeps the readers attention. Ms. Rees fashions a tender romance with quick conversation that keeps everything flowing smoothly. The secondary characters are well-rounded and lend dimension to the story. She weaves a compelling story mixed with jealously, greed and betrayal that grabs the reader. This most refreshing read makes one feel good all the way down to the toes. This is one book that is truly a recommended read.

Reviewed by: Linda L

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