Breaking in Levi

Victoria stops at a rest stop to use the rest room and forgot her keys and purse in the car. When she came out to her amazement and shock, her car was gone. Sitting in its place is a motorcycle with a gorgeous man sitting on it. At first she was afraid to go talk to him but the longer she stood there the madder she got. Victoria marched up to him and accused him of taking her car or at least knowing where it was. Even though she was mad she was intrigued by his good looks. Victoria was cautious of this man. She had always been told to stay away from long haired, motorcycle riding men because they were trouble, but Victoria was pulled to him by his charm and hand offish manner. Levi was more man than she had ever known and she wanted him. He offered to give her a ride to the next town so she could get someone to help her, and she takes him up on it. Could she trust this man to help her?

Levi was just sitting on his bike smoking a cigarette when a woman hurries out of the rest room and accused him of taking her car. She calls him names and demands to know what he has done with it. He is stunned but Levi is amazed that such a beautiful woman would stop at a deserted rest stop and leave her keys and purse in the car. She must be nuts or a very pampered lady. Levi offers to take her to the nearest town so she can get help but his plans change when he sees a cop and he gets to know Victoria. Could this be the one woman that he could settle down with? But he has a mission to finish before he can think about getting involved with anyone. Only time would tell.

Ann Cory writes a short but very powerful story with Breaking in Levi. I was so engrossed that I forgot the time and couldn’t put the book down. The sex scenes were so hot, that I found I was fanning myself. I was cheering on Victoria but felt sorry for Levi all at the same time. Levi was taking a lot on his shoulders helping Victoria. Victoria, not understanding why Levi couldn’t tell her more about his mission, thought he was being mean and was using her. I really enjoyed reading Breaking in Levi and I am looking forward to reading more of Ms. Cory’s books.

Reviewed by: Moonluster


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