Talk Dirty To Me

Claudia has decided to take her talent, talking dirty, and employ it in a financially advantageous way, translation? Claudia has started a sex line and has fun talking to various men and making money while doing it. When a sexy voice continues to call, night after night, the unimaginable has occurred; Claudia begins to look forward to ‘Jack’s’ calls and is aroused by them. It’s not a job when Jack calls.

Dr. Blake Marsh cannot believe how quickly he has become addicted to talking to the amazing ‘Trixie’. He has been calling her at all times, just to hear her gorgeous voice. Now that he’s met a flesh and blood woman can he let ‘Trixie’ go?

As a whole, Talk Dirty To Me was a fun read. Blake and Claudia were a blast to read about. The conflict of secrets being kept wasn’t original, but the way that it played out was. I enjoyed the sassiness of the main characters but sometimes felt that things were a bit rushed. Overall this did not detract too much from my enjoyment of the story since the sexual buildup and dialogue between Blake and Claudia was a treat to read. I hope to see more from Ms. Miles.

Reviewed by: Serena


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