Bloodlines 3: Crimsonís Rose

Crimson is adjusting to being a vampire and spends most of her time with her beloved roses until she meets a man who catches her interest named Rojo Rose. She knows that she needs to take it slow with this man, but when she starts dreaming of a rose that stabs its thorns through her heart, she realizes that she needs to stay away from Rojo altogether However, her lust for him wonít let her stay away.

Rojo Rose is only getting close to Crimson in order to do his job and deliver her to his boss. He has never turned down a job or slept with another vampire, but his lust for Crimson is sending his head spinning and making him wonder what his boss intends to do with this beautiful lady. When Rojo discovers his bossís evil intent towards Crimson and learns that her life is in danger, will he be able to face his doubts and fears to save her?

Crimsonís Rose is the third book in the Bloodlines series and an unforgettable adventure. I was thrilled to read Crimsonís story and was glad that it also included characters from the past two books. This story shows the dark side of revenge and power beautifully while also revealing the healing side of love and forgiveness. Mechele Armstrong has done a fantastic job of bringing this story and its rich, in-depth characters to life to the point that you donít want the book to end. Sensuality and passion radiate throughout this entire book, drawing you in and never letting go. Crimsonís Rose is definitely a book you will want to add to your keeper file.

Reviewed by: Tammy


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