Sex on the Beach

By the Light of the Moon by Sydney Somers – Hayley’s scheming boss has a hunch that something fishy is going on at a couples resort in Antigua, and he wants her to go and investigate. The problem is, she needs a man to play her doting lover at the resort. Her buddy Cole is game to go with her, but can he keep his secret when he finds himself losing his heart to her?

Ms. Somers writes an amazing story, and one that is rife with series possibilities. Intriguing characters, a great setting, and a pack struggle make for an interesting plot. Simply stunning!

Beverly Rae’s Mr. Lonely – Miranda Raennia has come seeking Damian LeClare, the one they call the Night Stalker. She is determined to have him, to make him see her for what she really is, and to be invited into his life. Will she be more than he bargained for?

Mr. Lonely tells the tale of a solitary, brooding vampire and the bossy, unrelenting woman who wants him for her own. I loved Damian as the dark and dour hero and Miranda sparkles with life and vitality as the heroine who tests and tempts him beyond reason. I didn’t see the surprise ending coming, but I sure enjoyed the heck out of it!

In Love the Day by Betty Hanawa, Lycida was one of Artemis’ chaste handmaidens until a sexual romp ends her virginity, resulting in her banishment from Olympus and a the curse of a goddess. Every man she enters into a sexual relationship will die...and then she meets Benedict.

Ms. Hanawa’s story of the power of love and the siren’s call of the flesh is a wonderful addition to this anthology. There are underlying themes here, including the importance of seeing people for who they really are and being true to your word. Amazing imagery, mythology and knife-edged emotion combine to make a heartwarming, pulse pounding story.

Hex and the Single (Weird) Were-Monster or How Janice Got That Way by Terese Ramin – Let me just first say that this short story defies description and then I’ll try to describe it. We’ve got Janice (AKA Precious Child and Causes Trouble), a woman on whom the Gods and the Goddesses bestowed gifts. We’ve got her mother, the Tribal Chief with an attitude and the determination to see her daughter mated and producing litters of grandchildren (or would they be called grandwerepups?). Lastly, we’ve got a host of werewolves, a superbly hung and unsuspecting lumberjack, and a waterfall used as a stimulating sexual experience. What else does one need?

Terese Ramin’s unique writer’s voice shines and entertains in her contribution to the Sex on the Beach Anthology. I laughed myself nearly to tears and then over the brink into semi-hysteria in the reading of this one. Run, don’t walk, and don’t stop until you have Hex and the Single (Weird) Were-Monster or How Janice Got That Way in your hot little hands.

Reviewed by: Michelle


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