The Pet Episodes 1, 2 &3

The Pet 1, 2 &3 by Nix Winter is a futuristic sci-fi m/m book. The first main character Alex lives on a world that believes that the Gods take people from their world as a blessing. But in reality, these people are taken by a more advanced culture to use as pets. Alex doesnít believe in his peoplesí gods so when he is taken he fights and resists his capture and captivity. Even after all the things he has gone through (his capture, inhuman treatment when he is initially captured and the limitations placed on him as a pet)he believes that one-day things will change. Alex was lucky in that his master loves him and gives him more freedom then a pet would usually have. Conflicts arise when other people in power intervene and complicate their lives. Alex must learn that even his owner is a prisoner and must bend to others wishes too. Things are not always as they seem and Alex and his owner Tristan must weave through complicated paths to find the way to each other.

As usual Nix Winter weaves a very intricate story that snares the audience wanting more. The first book of The Pet leaves the reader waiting to see what will happen next. The characters come alive for the reader in their interaction with one another and in the vivid description that Ms. Winter gives them. The love that develops for one another is very beautiful to behold. This love surpasses cultural and class differences. This love will help them through the many trials that may happen in the coming chapters.

The Pet 4 has been released and further episodes are being written at this time! I will be waiting for further installments of this great series! This is another of Ms. Winterís must read books. Nix you have done it again!!!

Reviewed by: Teresa


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