The Girl Most Likely

Katie Buick wants to be more than the girl who knows how to have fun. She has a dream, but she needs a little help making it happen. Unfortunately the only man who might be able to help is a man she humiliated in high school.

Ric Emerson was the proverbial nerd in high school, however, he thought Katie was the one person who looked beyond the brains. He was sadly mistaken and now as she stands before him, he has the chance to crush her dreams just as she did his all those years ago.

Seeing the hope and doubt in her eyes has Ric surprising them both by offering to help her accomplish her goals. Will Katie turn her back on his offer due to pride or can she see how much he actually believes in her?

The Girl Most Likely has a resounding charm that will capture readers’ hearts. The characters within the story really stand out. Katie is a woman finally coming into her own. The changes in her personality as she becomes more confident are depicted realistically. Even when readers might not agree with her reasoning, they will ache at the treatment she receives from others. However, for this reader, Ric stole the show. Ric is far from perfect, but his caring heart easily makes him a man readers will love. His confidence in Katie is touching and his ability to challenge her to the fullest really makes them a great couple. There are numerous poignant scenes throughout which will touch readers immensely while also demonstrating how well Ms. Alward has drawn readers into the story. This is my first book by this author, but she has definitely caught my attention with her fluid style and fun characters.

Reviewed by: Amanda


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