Bats In The Belfry, Bells In The Attic

Sixteen off the wall stories are what await the readers in this book. Stories that will make you wonder, stories that will make you stop and think, stories that in some cases are so open they are almost painful to read. The stories are all from different viewpoints and cover all walks of life from the youngest to the oldest.

G.L. Rockey has written sixteen wildly different stories that will at times leave the reader amused, worried, sad, confused, intrigued and much more. From the many different viewpoints, you are able to see snapshots into people’s lives, each with their own insight. Rather than reading the book all the way through from start to finish, a reader will get the most enjoyment by popping in and out of the stories one by one.

G.L. Rockey has tried to tackle many underlying questions in these stories including what came first the chicken or the egg, as well as the one question we all find ourselves asking at one time or another, ‘What if?’. Although the stories are all very short, G.L. Rockey was able to create fabulous characters and memorable stories that are a pleasure to read.

Although I found some of the stories quite hard to follow at times, Bats In The Belfry, Bells In The Attic is a very interesting book. This would be a great book for people who don’t want to get too deep into a novel and instead enjoy reading small short stories that have a slight, off the wall slant to them.

Reviewed by: Heidi


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