Heliotropic 2: In The Dark

Val and Paul are still desperately trying to stay one step ahead of Ideg Retkove while figuring out what he is up to. With each new development, they find that they arenít getting any further ahead of Ideg and might need help. Val knows just the person to ask, Trey, his ex-lover. Paul has issues with Val bringing Trey into the picture, but unfortunately Trey isnít Paulís biggest problem. It has come to Val and Paulís attention that Ideg has once again captured someone from Apoll`ex. Can Paul, Val, and Trey save him?

Heliotropic 2: In The Dark finds Val and Paul still battling with their arch enemy, Ideg. The introduction of Trey offers readers a chance to see another side of Paul and Val, and brings in an additional wonderful character. The unique moment of the spider was one this reader was not prepared for, yet Mardi Ballou, did a great job at writing it and creating quite an erotic image. This reader found she is very interested to see what might be the next adventure in store for Paul and Val especially now that Trey and Soleil have become part of their world. 4 Angels!

Reviewed by: Shayley


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