Heliotropic 3: To The Light

Val and Paul along with Trey and Soleil are in route to Apoll'ex now that they can endure sunlight. Paul and Soleil are happy to be going home, Trey is ready for an adventure, and Val is a little nervous about what will happen once they arrive. Only what they didnítí expect was to find they arenít the first vampires to arrive on Apoll`ex. Ideg Retkove managed to beat them there. What is happening on the non-violent planet and how will they deal with Ideg being there?

Heliotropic 3: To The Light continues the unique series created by Mardi Ballou. Once again, this reader was impressed with the emotions some characters must deal with in this story. The introduction of the planet, Apoll`ex, was a nice development and continues to bring elements of their sensual world to life. Val and Paulís relationship only grows stronger. This reader finds herself wondering if there is another installment waiting to be told. Mardi Ballou has managed to bring not only two characters, but two totally different characters, full circle entwining them into each otherís lives to the point they canít imagine the other not there. 4 Angels!

Reviewed by: Shayley


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