Ravenstarís Bride

As a fan of Sci-Fi Romance, Jennifer Colganís, Ravenstarís Bride is a treat. The plot is diverse, the characters likeable, and it now has this reader looking for more from this author.

Ms. Colgan immediately immerses the reader in the heroineís plight. The story opens with RaíNaraís daring bid for freedom. RaíNara will forsake all she knows, all the privileges she is entitled to by birth and rank to spare her unborn children death. Instead she chooses to stow away and assume a new life. When RaíNara meets Istrian Captain Ravenstar Bren, I became so absorbed by the story I could not put it down. For Ravenstar Bren has a strict policy on stowaways, yet he is unable to enforce it when he meets RaíNara. Something about her is different, and even if she wonít reveal her secrets he will grant her safe passage. However, her secrets catch up to them and put Bren in an unlikely, but not altogether unwanted, position of protector. Is his strength enough to save her when an entire planet wants her back?

The author has taken what could have been a simple flight to freedom and built it into something much more complicated and enjoyable. The main characters will immediately captivate readers. The author compliments them with a cast of well-rounded secondary characters. Readers will truly detest the antagonist. The plot is constantly evolving and Ms. Colganís skill keeps readers engaged and delighted throughout the entire story. I am hoping this is not the last story we will see with the Istrians. Truly well done.

Reviewed by: Amanda


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