Beyond the Visions of Dreams

Remy Crane is a were-python. He belongs to the Shadow Heights nest in New York. He owns and runs a recording studio. He has been having sexual dream about a specific woman.

Chrissy Stanford is a were-python. She has been accepted into the Shadow Heights nest. Chrissy was raised by her mother and knows nothing about her father except for how he died.

Chrissy is happy to be accepted into the nest as it represents safety. All the members of the nest live in a huge house situated on a private compound. Remy was surprised but happy to see the woman he has been dreaming of is the new member of the nest. He realizes that they were meant to be mated. Chrissy and Remy have to find there way together as mates building the kind of relationship they both want.

Beyond the Visions of Dreams is an interesting story about a unique couple. Stella and Audra Price’s invention of the were-snakes, used in this story, gives an otherwise regular love story a magical and interesting edge. Beyond the Visions of Dreams not only has very hot sex scenes and emotions but also is well written and quite easy to read. I enjoyed following Remy and Chrissy as they build their relationship and lives together. I found Beyond the Visions of Dreams to be a wonderful short story that kept me entertained from beginning to end.

Reviewed by: Lisa


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