Mystical Signs, Leo: Marked

Love is not in their plans, but fate seems to have other ideas.

Faith Summers was out for a good time, an evening she hoped would culminate with sexy Horace West. She got more than she bargained for when her encounter with Horace results in mind-blowing sex and an attempted murder. These two fierce Leos are unwillingly thrown together into a fate which could destroy them both. Will they survive?

Wow! This was my first encounter with the Mystical Sign series and what a way to start. Dorothy McFalls delivers an original, action-packed plot with plenty of steam. Mystical Signs, Leo: Marked is a treat to read from start to finish. I love the strength and passion of the two main characters. Their interactions run the gamut of emotion, with the love scenes being especially hot. The added element of Horaceís powers really made their connection unique. The additional characters in the story are solid and have me hoping there will be more stories with the Protectors. The plot rarely falters and as the chemistry between them erupts, the threat to them intensifies and culminates in an ending that is both satisfying and hints this isnít the last we have seen of them.

Reviewed by: Amanda


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