Dinah’s Dark Desire

Dinah’s friend Taylor enters her home to find her in a bruised, bloody heap on the floor. Her relationship with Brad the jerk had taken more from Dinah than she’d ever thought possible – including her last shreds of self-esteem – and ending up in the hospital is not at all what the end result of a relationship should be. Taylor and his lover Ian take over and take Dinah to live with them as she recovers, emotionally and physically.

Taylor and Ian are her friends, friends that Brad always bashed for the simple fact that they’re a gay couple. But Dinah knows that they’re much more than that – they’re actually a gay couple exploring their bisexual leanings. As time moves on, Dinah begins to heal, and she is embarrassed and more than a bit aroused at the sexual teasing from her two men. What choice will she make when the teasing turns to something more serious?

Mechele Armstrong creates the perfect dilemma in Dinah’s Dark Desire. Should Dinah cling to her “good girl” ideals and be alone or should she jump in to being a “bad girl” by bedding her two hunky best friends? Dinah is fragile – shattered really – and it’s heartening to see the care that Taylor and Ian show for her. Her naiveté and relative innocence is refreshing, and you can almost feel the struggle as her head wars against her passion. The relationship dynamics are fantastic here, the sensual scenes are ooh-la-la amazing, and the addition of two of the trio’s exes (and a splash of danger) to the mix just added another mantle of plot to this tale. I’ve also got this inexplicable and incredibly wicked craving for some chocolate-covered strawberries – to understand why, read Dinah’s Dark Desire! Five Angels and a Recommended Read!

Reviewed by: Michelle


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