Enduring Promise

Evan Harris is alone on a deserted country road with a broken-down car. He fled, feeling almost compelled to leave, from the city and finds himself without cell service and in the path of an impending storm. There’s more that’s odd about his situation – he’s “led” to a supposedly abandoned house. What he encounters there will change his life forever...

Giselle leads a solitary life, pining for the man who gave his life for her all those years ago. He promised her forever, but then he was taken from her. Can she ever regain what they once had?

Tempest Knight does a very thorough job with things that go bump in the night, vampires, and flashbacks in this sexy story about passions and promises that truly last through time. The imagery was evocative, the descriptions were spine-chilling at times, and the idea of a kind of bond between the two lead characters was intriguing.

Enduring Promise flashes readers from modern-day times back to peasant revolts, even as it richly chronicles the grief and loss experienced by the sultry vampire Giselle. Overflowing with eroticism and packed with the power of true love, Enduring Promise makes good on its word, telling a tale of hot interludes and more. Four Angels!

Reviewed by: Michelle


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