Dark Celebration

Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky had gathered all his Carpathians together for a Christmas celebration to humor his wife Raven. He doesnít think it is a good idea to have all his hunters and their lifemates in one place but after visiting with each one, he has come to accept that it isnít such a bad idea. He needs to find someone to play Santa Claus and he has just the right one for the job. Everyone is thrilled that the prince is in a great mood and that some of the burden has been lifted off his shoulders until things start to happen that make Mikhail want to call off the celebration. The numerous attacks on the women and children have him worried. Mikhail knows that the number one priority is to protect the women and children from the evil that is lurking around, and it will take all the Carpathian males to do so.

As the day of the celebration nears, the evil vampires start to attack the women and children especially Skyler, daughter of Gabriel and Francesca. She is part human and part Carpathian but has psychic powers. They want her but she has a special protector, her lifemate. Skyler doesnít want a lifemate and refuses to even think about it. But she is drawn to him. The evil vampires also draw on the cat breeds to get to Shea and Jacques and the soon to be born baby. It is all the Carpathians can do to keep their lifemates and children safe and still have a great celebration. Will the Carpathians be able to defeat their enemy? Can they keep the women and children safe and protect the new life that is about to enter the world?

Dark Celebration is a book you will not want to miss. Christine Feehan has written a book that is hard to put down. She brings all of her beloved Carpathians together to celebrate not only Christmas but the birth of a new baby. The teasing and joking will have you laughing along with the characters on who will be Santa Claus. If you have not read any of Ms. Feehan books then you will want to after reading this one. You will enjoy being reunited with all the Carpathians, their lifemates and children. This reviewer was thrilled to be reunited with all of the characters of her past books as well as meet new ones for future books. Ms. Feehan, I have enjoyed reading this book and I am looking forward to reading more in the future.

Reviewed by: Moonluster


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