Another Bite of the Apple

When Elizabeth receives an unexpected call from a man she had a fling with last year, it makes her reassess where she is in her life. After her divorce, she quit her job as an attorney and moved to New York City to pursue her painting. Instead, she works as a waitress for her best friend, the man she’s got a secret crush on has a gorgeous girlfriend, and she hasn’t painted in what seems like forever. To top it all off, she lives on the fifth floor of a crappy apartment building without an elevator! Will she ever be able to get her stuff together and take Another Bite of the Apple?

Robin Slick has created a lighthearted, yet realistic tale of a woman who’s in search of herself. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to find the time or energy while working just to keep the necessities on the table to really even look. In her forties, Elizabeth’s life is much different from what she envisioned. She divorced, she’s broke and she’s unhappy. The catalyst to her renewed search is the phone call from a man who’s just a bit slimy, but one who pays her attention. At the same time, Rob, her boss and friend, as well as the man she secretly fantasizes about, breaks up with his girlfriend and seemingly turns to her for a shoulder to cry on. She gets a promotion and things seem to get better but sure enough, something else occurs which throws her off track again. I really enjoyed this story with its fast pace, its convoluted twists and turns, and the first person point of view. You’ll get to know Elizabeth and her idiosyncrasies and see just how entangled things become before they finally work themselves out.

Reviewed by: Trang


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