Abhainn’s Kiss

Abhainn’s Kiss is an interesting premise that takes readers along for the ride as Abhainn, the last of her race, and a very reluctant human try to save the Earth for both their kind. Michael met Abhainn as a child, yet never knew the magic of her friendship was real. As an adult, his world is guided by logic and responsibility. Their mission is rife with dangers, magic, and before it’s over, a love that transcends the differences of their worlds. He must learn to believe if they are to stand any chance of making it to the mystical Avalon in time.

Ms. Ivey has done a wonderful job blending the fae world with human reality. Her writing eloquently captures the fun and innocence of the fairies and contrasts it nicely against a darker humanity that is slowly dying. My interest was immediately captured by the urgency and uniqueness of the beginning. However, the plot falters at times with what seemed like a lack of direction or too much focus on the fantasy elements. I enjoyed the confrontations Michael and Abhainn endured. The author developed the characters’ motivation and abilities well with these scenes. The eventual give and take of their relationship builds nicely into an emotional connection readers will appreciate. The ending was a little too pat for me, but did not overly diminish my enjoyment of the overall story.

Reviewed by: Amanda S.

Amanda S.