Fang Shui

Who really knows what sparks will fly when you pair a young, audacious female vampire and a handsome Master with a New Age preoccupation.

When Eve planned her trip to Romania, she had expected an exciting stay in an ancient vampireís mysterious castle, certainly not the Feng Shui dwelling she entered. Nor had she expected the unrelenting attraction she feels for her uptight host.

Leoís orderly existence is now in an uproar, all because of his newest guest, a whirlwind of a woman with no sense of old vampire etiquette. After centuries of remaining level-headed, the fact he canít stop thinking about her leads him to believe he may have lost his mind.

Eveís spunk and escapades, especially, make Fang Shui a delightfully lighthearted romp. It is so often entertaining to see if an unlikely, quirky pair Ė as is the case with Leo and Eve Ė can make a match. And itís wonderfully obvious that Leoís patience isnít the only thing Eve tempts. In fact, thereís no need to be fooled by the minimal page count, because Ms. Evans still manages to include some steamy scenes, lots of fun sexual banter and tension, and a few well-placed surprises and/or revelations as well.

Reviewed by: Jen H.

Jen H.