Kinetic: Firestarter

“Mandy, Mandy, Mandy” Miranda still remembers the taunts she received from her childhood crush turned nemesis. Now she is in the process of watching him be sentenced to death for the murder of her best friend. Kinetic Grady O’Brien being found guilty isn’t supported by the evidence presented but that doesn’t prevent the Circle of Justice from trying for an immediate execution. Miranda does the only thing she knows will prevent him from an instant death, Post Meteor Law FAM 1139658. The obscure law will hopefully give her and Grady the time needed to prove his innocence. Too bad he’s the same cocky, arrogant flame-throwing pain she remembered him to be and that he may not be too happy once he finds out she has hidden secrets of her own.

With fire and ice as its helm Firestarter is a hip urban-based drama where clandestine agents and lifelong friends come together in an explosive story. Georgia Tribell’s contribution to New Concepts Publishing’s line centered on fire was fun to read and full of action and sensuality. A very light tale considering the constant threat of death, I found myself more excited than worried for the hero and heroine who both had enough intelligence and power to keep them out of anything thrown their way. Fireballs included! Ms. Tribell made this story and the world Miranda and Grady lived in one I want to revisit with hopefully future stories centering on the secondary characters who come across just as engaging as the main couple.

Reviewed by: Rachelle