A Fragile Family

A Fragile Family by J.J. Massa is the first book in the Montgomery Family Legacy based on her original series The Montgomery Family. The Montgomery’s are a larger then life werewolf pack who feel family ties and love are the most important thing in life, and they will protect and guard every member of the pack, birth and added members.

Ashley and Sherman work for an emergency first response team where they put their lives on the line saving others, but this time their luck almost ran out. Most of Ashley’s family had no idea what she did and waited in shock to find out if they were dead or alive, including Myles, her estranged husband. Myles and Ashley’s relationship has been rocky for years with them having little to do with each other. Ashley has known ever since she was little that Myles was her mate, but they had a falling out when she was very young. She told him that she loved him, but Myles had spent years suppressing his feelings reacting badly. They finally get their second chance, but will circumstances allow them to stay together? Add to this one very young pup, Tayler who is wise beyond his years and the future of the pack and two non-wolf members who have special abilities to help the pack through times of trouble.

Ms. Massa has once again added another book to the Montgomery legacy that will be loved by all her readers. Ashley and Myles’s story has been one that the readers have waited for. Myles and Ashley have a special love that has gone through many trials and can withstand many more. All the characters leap off the page, especially Tayler who maybe young, but seems to have a pivotal role in the Montgomery pack. Add to this the return of an old foe to put the lives of the Montgomery’s in danger and you have an action packed story that holds the reader spell-bound from the start. Thanks goes to Ms. Massa for another wonderful addition to the Montgomery series.

Reviewed by: Teresa