Leap of Fate

Merryn Porter and Luke Hanson were meant to be together. Fate knew it, even if they hadn’t quite realized it. The only problem in their happy ending is that Luke was in an accident and died, courtesy of a drunk driver. That was ten years ago, but now fate seems to be handing them a second chance…of sorts…with strings. But what is the deal that Luke has struck? Is it one Merryn will be comfortable with?

Leap Of Fate is a wonderful, quick read that will catch you up in the story from page one and won’t release you until you finish the tale a little while later. Ms. Pearce has done an excellent job of crossing two planes, making the possibility of a limbo world seem entirely believable, if somewhat unnerving if one were to think about it in-depth. These two characters are charming, very well developed for a novella and a great complement to each other. Their love for one another ties the story together; were it not so strong, there would be gaping holes in the plot. Speaking of which, the plot is solid, smooth flowing and very enjoyable. There is plenty of sex, not just thrown in but woven in as a marvelous and integral part of the tale. There is some anal sex and play in addition to your vanilla, with a mild tint of subservience, but it’s nothing that would bother you, I assure you. Leap of Fate is an excellent short tale, a must read for anyone who has ever loved and lost, or for anyone who believes in fate emerging triumphant. Bravo, Ms. Pearce!

Reviewed by: Elizabeth