Phaze Fantasies, Vol. III

Mask by James Buchanan

Martín and Hector have been companions and lovers since they were boys, but now the strength of their love will be tested when Hector’s prospective bride arrives. Doña Lolita is a shrew; she’s mean-spirited and disrespectful, but could she be the cause of all the strangeness that has invaded the Hacienda since her arrival?

Mask is an entertaining tale that follows a darker path than most, but James Buchanan pulls it of with style. The intrigue and magic, along with Martín and Hector’s unwavering love combine to make Mask a memorable story.

Devotion by Jade Falconer

Prince Wilhelm is looking for a personal slave when he encounters Marcus in a slave auction. But when Wilhelm takes Marcus home, their relationship goes beyond that of master and slave. Now they need to figure out the rules for their new relationship…

Devotion presents a mild version of a D/s relationship under the guise of a different social structure where slavery is an accepted practice. As a whole, the story is somewhat ordinary, but the chemistry between Wilhelm and Marcus is hot!

Dragon’s Fate by Eliza Gayle

Garon hates dragons for a very good reason – too bad his father doesn’t agree. His orders are to teach the dragon Kian to become a dominant trainer. Will they be able to face the emotions that unexpectedly surface when they come together?

Dragon’s Fate is more about coming to terms with who you love and your innermost desires in the face of your prejudices than a true D/s romance. It also touches on what a true dominant is. Garon and Kian are so hot together that I was left wishing for more.

Heads or Tails by Jamie Hill

Jeff is happily engaged to his boss’ daughter, or so it seems, until hunky construction worker Kurt crosses his path. Now, all the feelings he thought he had left behind in college come to the surface. Whom will he choose – his fiancé Lana or Kurt?

Heads or Tails is mildly entertaining in a farcical way. Jeff and Kurt are really hot together, but outside of the sex scenes they are a little like girls. However, you will love hating Lana.

Hardcore by Selah March

Jesse is out for revenge and he really doesn’t care who he needs to step on to get it. But when he kidnaps Sean, he gets more than he bargained for – how will they survive to explore what they have found in each other?

As the longest story of this anthology, Hardcore is just that – a hardcore story about revenge, sex and dealing with the unexpected. Jesse and Sean are spellbinding and disturbing all at once, but you will have a hard time moving away from this story.

Behind the Beard by Yeva Weist

Byron has been in love with his employer Lord Kincade for a long time. But when a friend comes up with a scheme to get them together will Byron dare?

Behind the Beard is a good farce that will leave you smiling for all its ridiculousness and entertain you from start to finish.

Phaze Fantasies, Vol. III is a collection of six homoerotic love stories ranging in genre from contemporary, romantic comedy, suspense, historical, fantasy and ménage, but they all contain a flavor of D/s to varying degrees. All though, as a whole, the anthology was average, it would have been better with some more editing to catch the small mistakes that throw you out of the moment. This volume offers stories long enough to satisfy while allowing you to stretch the experience over several sittings without missing anything.

Reviewed by: Isabella