Ripples in the Water

Celeste Darwent wakes to find she barely escaped the ship, the Black Moth and its captain, Scully Stevens, a most violent and dangerous man. She hopes she never has to reveal her plight to anyone. Darby, the Earl of Hawkridge, found her in the moors, barely conscious, as he and his coachman Davy were headed home. Darby takes her home to the room that his late fiancé always loved. He doesn’t know anything about her, but when he finds a locket sewn in the hem of her dress, he is certain it is one that belonged to his mother. Now Darby feels the woman he brought to his home is nothing but a common thief. Celeste has a past in which she is trying to escape. The Hawkridges have been very kind to her but she must leave. She can only remember bits and pieces of her life but is certain Scully is still after her. She still bears his abusive marks. When she learns the locket is missing, she cannot leave without it, but Darby has left for a trip and has it locked in safe keeping. She will have to stay until his return. At least while in the home she will be safe, so she stays and welcomes the kindness of the family while she enjoys the gardens. But there is much more that Celeste will soon learn when it comes to getting to the truth behind the locket, as well as trying to recall her memory. Darby will not stop until he has all the answers but each time he faces Celeste, it appears they both have locked emotions that seem to easily allow their hearts to open to the other.

I have to admit I found Ripples in the Water a most pleasurable read. I was definitely caught up in the moment of the characters. Celeste and Darby have a certain flair about them that dances on every page. The way Celeste is troubled by her memory is told in many layers of expressions that the reader can only empathize with her. Not to mention, Darby, as he has thoughts of his deceased fiancé, while struggling with his feelings for Celeste. Michelle Chambers cast well-rounded characters that weave an intriguing tale. There were some twists and turns I never expected, which was clever in the developing of the storyline and plot. She creates an enigma in the book, along with a bit of avarice that makes the read wonderful. I really enjoyed her work and how she incorporated a loving romance that took a beautiful turn in this outstanding book that seemed as real as the picturesque cover.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.