On Again

What happens when you are desperately in love with your husband but he is emotionally unavailable? Do you stand and fight or do you throw in the towel?

This is the poignant story of Paul Bentley, a detective who has let his marriage fall to pieces as a consequence of his job and by shielding his wife from the ugliness of that job. Trying to lock away the seedier elements of his working in the Vice unit, he has closed himself off from her emotionally. When Kayla finally has had enough and files for a legal separation he finally gets the kick in the butt he needed to face the mistakes he’s made by attempting to repair the damage before it is too late.

Kayla Bentley loves her husband madly, but has been trying to hold on to her marriage, though she sees Paul becoming more and more distant to her every day. Working as a Drug Counselor puts her on the opposite side of the fence from Paul; she defends her client’s need for therapy instead of jail time while Paul is all about not letting them back on the streets. Though this has caused a few arguments over time, it is no reason for Paul to become so remote. When she finally makes the heartbreaking decision to file for separation, it has unexpected consequences.

An emotional and heartwarming novella from Jenna Allen, On Again is short but very straightforward. Focusing on the things that are most important to a marriage, Paul and Kayla’s story has some valuable lessons within the romance. The chemistry between the couple is sultry, the situation is poignant and romantically depicted as well. Though short in pages, On Again is a story that is thoroughly satisfying nonetheless.

Reviewed by: Scarlet