Pregnancy Cravings

Cathy is in dire need of some salt and vinegar potato chips. Patrice comes to the rescue by running around town in search of them. When she finally finds some, she also finds a delicious cashier behind the register. As Cathyís cravings continue, Patrice finds that she is looking forward to the convenient store run as much as Cathy is. If only the cashier, Joey, didnít think Patrice was the pregnant one and wasnít dating someone, Patrice would be happy. What could happen when Cathy is no longer pregnant and Patrice has no reason to pop in every day?

Marianne Arkins has created a light-hearted, fun short story. Patriceís dedication to hunt down snacks of all kinds will bring a smile to the readerís face. The playful bantering back and forth between Patrice and Joey is delightful to watch. The realism of a comment or statement being misunderstood is a nice building block for this plot. Although this story was told in less than twenty pages, it is no less enjoyable. This reader was glad she decided to stay up those extra minutes to read it. Pregnancy Cravings is a well-written story that follows two innocent bystanders and one pregnant girlís interesting food choices. 4 Angels!

Reviewed by: Shayley