Cowboy Fling

Ride ‘em hard!

Paige is out to get herself a three day fling with a cowboy. Paige and her sister Dorie had made a pact that if by the time they reach their 30s and are unmarried, they would fulfill three of their sexual fantasies. She ends up out west to find her “fantasy”. Shy meek Emergency Room Nurse Paige is in for the surprise of a life time when she meets up with her secret fantasy Cowboy Lane.

The first time she sees Lane, the oh-so tempting cowboy, is when he is in a fight, and she comes to his rescue to patch him up. Her car, luggage and pocketbook get stolen but Lane now rescues Paige.

Can this ride ‘em cowboy be all that he appears or is there more between Paige and Lane than a three day fling?

Cowboy Fling had me wishing for my very own cowboy to have three hot days and nights of erotic sexual pleasures. Sherry James’ vivid prose has you seeing each and every adventure they go through. While Paige may seem shy her character is endearing as she is willing to let go of that secret person who lurks in all of us.

You can relate and identify with both Lane and Paige while having the heat thrown in makes this book a winner. Would I read it again? You bet ya! It is one of those books which should be a keeper on your shelf.

This reader is off to find more of those addicting stories of Sherry James. Stay tuned I may find more books of hers.

Reviewed by: Wendi