Rookery Cove: Petits SíMores

Petits SíMores is part of the Rookery Cove Series.

Clothilde DuBerry is a vampire who works for Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs. When one of her confections, Petits Símores, a chocolate flavored blood delight, starts to kill the vampires who use it, damage control swings into action.

Dominic Ford is a vampire and Clothildeís former partner and lover. The inventor of Garguard, a serum that give vampires an immunity to garlic, he is also the go to guy for help solving crimes against the vampire kind.

This is a fast paced novella with a great plot. I read it in one setting. I really enjoyed the tension between the two characters and thought it laughable that the thing that broke them up to begin with is so typical of real life. While, a very short story Petits Sí Mores is packed full of plot and humor, the characters are well fleshed and the writing style draws you into the drama. I really liked that the female lead was a strong woman on her own but accepted help when it was needed instead of letting her past stand in the way. Add a little mystery in with the sexual tension and Mardi Ballou has written a wonderful, fun, story.

Reviewed by: Hayley